About us

The Miód Malina Restaurant, located on the Royal Route, in a representative building formerly referred to as the Stadnicki Palace, has been around for many years. Since its opening, we wanted the Miód Malina Restaurant to become the epitome of good taste and flavour, to be associated with excellent service and unique atmosphere. Every day, we strive to fulfil these values, so that all our dear guests feel exceptional and that the food served through our team of excellent chefs is not only delicious, but also served in a unique setting by professional and pleasant staff.


With our long experience, we know and believe that the quality and flavour of food is the most important to any restaurant. Therefore, for many years we have been working with the best suppliers of Polish regional product and companies that import Italian flavours to Krakow. We are confident that everything served on our menu is authentic, because we care about extracting and deepening the natural flavours of natural spices and herbs. Therefore, at the Miód Malina Restaurant we also offer seasonal specialities, something new almost every month. In the autumn, we have handmade stuffed cabbage with buckwheat, mushrooms and plums served in delicate truffle sauce, roast goose for the St. Martin’s Day with mushrooms and barley, Krakow style, and for the dessert – apple drop scones with vanilla and caramel mousse. We prepare it precisely so that the Polish cuisine gains many faces, just like our Polish four seasons of the year.